Get Negative Press and Content Removed!

The internet is your friend until it is not. Negative press, innacurate articles, false accusation,  erroneous informatio, innaccurate reporting  and dismmissed cases hang around on the internet and can cause your reputation harm. THEY CAN PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING A JOB. GET THEM REMOVED FOREVER!

If you are unforunate enough to have something published about you on the internet then you know how damagung this can feel. The good news is that IT IS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE TO GET IT REMOVED. UNFORTUNATELY MANY PEOPLE THINK THAT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. However it is possible to remove newspaper content, blogs, articles, local media postings etc. from the internent. Many argue that it is protected by 'free speech.' That's because it is. However if you have been wrongfully accused and your case has been dismissed or expunged then that is a different case altogether. Even if you are guilty we can still attempt to get it removed from the search engines. We can remove the following:

  • Articles from google SERPS ( Search Engine Results Pages) 
  • Local newspaper articles incuding and
  • Mugshots

In some states expungement laws exist. In other states they do not exist. It may be possible to have an do-not-index tag placed on the site to prevent Google from indexing the page. This means it will be 'delisted on the the Google SERPS - SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS PAGE'. We will look at all of these. However each case is ultimately UNIQUE.

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